Healthy pets are happy pets

We love our pets, they are family.  When they are running at the park, playing tug-of-war, or just snuggling up at home they put a smile on your face.  That's what we aim to see - lively, healthy pets.

Buy Happy Hips & Joyful Joints today to help your dog be livelier, healthier and happier!


I have two dogs ages 6 and 1. My 6 year old has shown signs of fatigue in his gait and had been visibly limping. I've been giving them Happy Hips for 2.5 weeks and have seen a noticeable improvement. The limp is gone and h seems happier. Bot dogs are goldens so they are prone to hip issues. Giving yo the 1 year old as well to head off issues down the road. Ver happy with this product.


My bulldog has bad hips. I have been giving this product to her for less than a month, but she has been walking without a limp and actually chases her ball. It really works.

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We know people have questions.  Here are some answers.

Question ~ Is there an expiration date for your supplement?

Answer: Yes.  It is printed on the bottle label, underneath the Product Facts section.  Happy Hips & Joyful Joints has a 2 year shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

Question ~ How often should I give this to my dog? 

Answer: The overall dosage depends on the weight of your dog.  We recommend spreading out the dosage a couple times throughout the day.  If you feed your dog twice a day, split the daily dose over the two meals.  Your dog's system can only absorb so much at once, so to avoid wasting nutrients it is better to give it to them slower.

Question ~ How much is in the bottle and how long will the bottle last?

Answer: There are 120 chewable tablets in the bottle.  How long it will last varies (about 4-5 weeks up to 8 months) as this depends on your dog's weight.  For dogs up to 25 lbs. give them 1/2 tablet daily for the first 4-6 weeks then 1/2 tablet every other day; 25-60 lbs. give them 1 daily for the first 4-6 weeks then 1/2 - 1 daily; 60-80 lbs. give them 2 daily for the first 4-6 weeks then 1-2 daily; Over 80 lbs. give them 3 daily for the first 4-6 weeks then 2 daily thereafter.

Question ~ Will this supplement cause my dog to have loose stools? 

Answer: It is possible but not common.  This is due to the richness of the ingredients in the supplement and if it occurs it happens when you first start giving it to your dog.  As with any change in your dog's diet, we recommend introducing supplements slowly over the first couple days.   If you notice softer or loose stools, it is due to your dog's body adjusting to the influx and richness of the new ingredients.  Just reduce the dosage for a couple days to allow your dog's system to adjust and then gradually increase it back to the recommended levels.

Question ~ What good will Happy Hips & Joyful Joints do for my dog?

Answer: Happy Hips & Joyful Joints is a powerful hip and joint supplement and helps your dog's body to repair and lubricate their joints and connecting tissues, thereby relieving pain and stiffness.